Chocolate duck
You ready for that white and gold
Feel like aunty J
Yung wood grain in the building @worldofdance @nozotoronto
Racing to @rightfootstudio
Something from nothing. I do for you / and I hope you see through the self gain / recognize my pain / realize that these walls represent freedom from depression / a place were we value self expression / tell me your story / create your own glory / I started something with no end / I want you to defend your craft / do the math / safe space + community vibes / a better outlet I couldn’t prescribe.. (at The RightFoot Dance Studio)
tattoo #virgin #first
@thehotb king street west eats god bless #Toronto  (at Home Of The Brave)
Rags to riches.
Breaking down Barriers and dispelling myths one day at a time #uniteandignite (at Travelodge Hotel & Convention Centre)
You ready for that white #SnapBack pre order or get one from me directly before the masses. Hit me up #Nozo  (at Travelodge Hotel & Convention Centre)
Keeping warm #Nozo
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